Offering Internet And Software Services For Small Businesses!

Managing live projects and web development work is often confusing for small businesses that don’t have the required expertise and resources. Enter SmartIdea, an internet consultancy firm, which provides everything that clients require to manage and improve their web-based projects, products and requirements. SmartIdea was established in 1999 in Singapore, and since then, the company has worked with clients around the globe, including corporate clients. With their own development, support and internet-service team and through liaising with network experts and technical support teams, they offer comprehensive packages that are customized to meet the needs of clients.
SmartIdea currently has its headquarters in Singapore, but they also have representative offices in Australia and the US. The company specializes in website-related work, including evaluation of existing websites, helping with web development projects and applications, and creating a line of action for internet marketing. Additionally, they also specialize in delivering software projects, with adequate initial analysis and effective implementation. Their team is well-versed with RUP, xP, OOAD, and other UML modeling tools.SmartIdea also offers assistance with live products, as mentioned earlier, and their team can keep a check on functionalities and existing websites, independently without the help of client’s developer. 

SmartIdea has clients in the US, Australia and Europe, and the company hopes to go global in coming years. Their services are backed by solid support, and they are always around to take questions, offer immediate solutions for anything related to the internet. To know more and get references, please check their website.